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Workjeje online marketplace platform was developed out of the need for quick and easy access to quality services in the African environment. frequently, we encounter difficult tasks that can easily be resolved by hiring the services of a qualified service provider however there is limited access to these professionals leaving us no option than to recycle unreliable service providers in our contacts or wait for service providers that are unavailable to meet our urgent requests, all these limitations arise from lack of qualified and available options among service providers which ultimately leads to undone work and lost time.

WorkJeje provides a user-friendly online platform where users can easily access, request, and review service providers across a wide range of services and have the hired services delivered to their location. Workjeje delivers a world of opportunities to professional service providers that are looking to earn money by trading their time and unique skills working at their desired schedule

“Our mission is to power readily assessable quality services for everyone, everywhere. We believe that our platform can revolutionize the service industry, and we strive for a marketplace that reflects the standards of the communities we serve and empowers people to live and work with ease”



Officially recognized as being trained to perform a particular job.

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Consistently good in quality or performance; able to be trusted.



Able to be used or obtained; at end-users immediate disposal.


We expect all members of our marketplace to demonstrate respect and tolerance in their interactions with each other, both online and offline, and we reserve the right to remove anyone from our marketplace who fails to abide by these principles.

Work jeje recognizes that certain jurisdictions allow or require some distinctions based on individual identities such as national origin, gender, marital status, or sexual orientation and will not require its users to violate local laws or take action that may result in legal liability.

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